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normSay goodbye to putting styles! Our revolutionary Calibrated Putting System is the key to making it happen. As most people know, putting is at least 40% of the game and it must be perfected in order to be effective on the greens. The difference between making the pro tour cut, winning or losing almost always comes down to the putting. How many times have you had a great round and ended up missing birdie and par putts? I'm sure you're not alone.

It took almost two decades for our system to be developed to the point where it always works and is very easy to use. A common mistake made by golfers is to change their putting "style" from time to time after reading the latest golf articles. There's no reason to constantly change the way you putt just because the trend is to do so...a system will not fail once all the variables have been removed. We've removed all the variables for you, so there is no need to investigate these on your own. Deviating from the system will only bring variables back into your putting stroke which will literally confuse and frustrate you.

Most golfers have no specific way to practice and generally do not even have a grip that keeps everything working. The roll of the ball must be good enough to stay on line for at least 100 feet and stop close to the cup or drop in. As a golfer, you must control distance, see the line, maintain the line roll and stop at the right distance most of the time. As a result you will drop a lot of strokes. For more information on what a putting system is, go to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.

Here are some screenshots of the Putt My Way and Win!© 000725牛叉股_物流公司股票代码 app now available at the iTunes® Store:


• The world's first true Calibrated Putting System. "Styles" are history.

• Improve your score by 6-8 strokes!!*

• Putting accounts for more than 40% of your game. Why not do it well?

• The most valuable putting information available - the best buy in golf!

• Convenient size - easy to take on the course inside your pocket or golf bag

• Easy for beginners and advanced players

• Requires very little practice

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We have taken putting to the limits of the human body and still stay within the rules of golf. Players armed with this system will have almost 6-8 strokes to his/her advantage against the field for each round of golf. You will learn that there are hidden techniques and mental disciplines included in our system that the human eye simply won't catch.

Have any tour players recognized and used this system? You bet. They're the ones making most of the big money.
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*Results may vary. 6-8 strokes less may be achieved or surpassed only when using the Putt My Way and Win!© 000725牛叉股_物流公司股票代码 putting system in its entirety without any deviations.
NBF Enterprises, Inc. makes no guarantee to the end user other than the data recorded while testing the system prior to publishing the book and iPhone application.
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