PrecisionPoint, Inc. (PPI) has been leading the way in transforming the approach for collecting existing condition documentation since 2009. 3D laser scanning of large, complex as-built structures helps AECO* professionals accelerate the documentation process of existing conditions while improving accuracy and cutting costs. With this data, you can better evaluate, compare, and rank the environmental and financial impacts of proposed renovations in the context of real-world conditions.

*Architecture, Engineering, Construction, Operations


Though reality capture has been around for many years, it has only recently become easy enough for mainstream use in the AECO (architecture, engineering, construction, operations) industry. The most prevalent form of reality capture is achieved through 3D laser scanning. PrecisionPoint uses 3D laser scanning devices to record digital images of your project space by rapidly capturing real world conditions and reproducing them into very precise 3D point cloud models.

Final deliverables may include Design/Engineering Grade 3D Point Cloud Models and project access via Virtual Project Viewer.

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Virtual Project Viewer

PrecisionPoint’s Virtual Project Viewer (VPV) is a hosted subscription service that offers an enhanced cloud-based, as-built, 3D scan data management system. It also provides you with simple access to your 3D project documentation. This cloud-based service offers the power of fluid 3D viewing of 3D laser scan data within a simple and easy-to-use website for storing and sharing scanning data.

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Scan-to-BIM Solutions

PrecisionPoint’s 3D Scan-to-BIM AEC solutions capture vital as-built facility and systems data that can be imported into software applications that translate 3D point clouds into BIM software object families. By making the up-front investment in reality capture before a renovation project, you get the advantage of designing around actual building conditions and drastically reducing expensive field changes.

Final deliverables may include Building Information Models, 2D Floor Plans, Sections & Elevations, and project access via Virtual Project Viewer.

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PrecisionPoint Scan to BIM

UAS (Drone) Mapping Services

If you’re a general contractor, construction project manager, property owner, or civil engineer, PrecisionPoint’s UAS solutions address specific challenges for several types of applications, including construction planning and site logistics, vertical infrastructure inspection, and construction progress monitoring and asset management.

Final deliverables can include 2D orthophotos (.TIFF, .GEOTIFF, .JPG), 3D photorealistic models (.OBJ), and Point Clouds (.LAS, .RCP, .RCS). We also offer DSM and DTM elevation models (.SHP, .DXF), useful for drainage and terrain grading, and architectural modeling from point clouds in Revit (.RVT). and project access via Virtual Project Viewer.

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